Palmbomen II is the stage name of the Dutch electronic musician Kai Hugo. Hugo began his music career as Palmbomen in 2011, releasing his first EP "Moon Children" on the Dutch label, Night Gaunt Recordings. He gained international recognition with his 2013 debut album "Night Flight Europa," which was released on the Los Angeles-based label, Non Records. Palmbomen’s music is known for its nostalgic, dreamy and cinematic quality, drawing influence from 80s electronic music, Italo disco, and krautrock. He has since released several albums, EPs, and singles as Palmbomen II, including "Memories of Cindy" (2017) and "Stock" (2020). In addition to music, Palmbomen II has also created art installations and soundtracks for films and video games. In 2019, Hugo started his own record label called World of Paint, releasing electronic albums meant for home listening made by artists who perform their music live, like Antenna, Cindy, Betonkust and Innershades.



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